The Blue Collar Foodie

Ten years ago the word foodie was not defined, much like Bling, Tebowing, and Puggle.

Well as Bob Dylan once said, “The times they are a-changin’.” Now, as food connoisseurs, we can turn on our televisions and watch a myriad of television channels devoted to food and food culture alike.  From Diners, Drive-ins and Dives on the Food Network, which follows Guy Fieri as he visits America’s most interesting and unique restaurants, to Bizarre Foods on the Travel Channelwhich celebrates the out-of-the-ordinary cuisine and characters that are found all across the world, these programs have given birth to a new sub-culture of society known to the world as “Foodies.” These individuals travel not only the United States, but to many different countries in search of the best and most peculiar food stuffs they can find.

I would love to say that I am a true foodie, but to be honest I am not. I do not have the capital or the time to travel the state, let alone go trekking across the globe to find the best burger in the universe.  I do not have a trust fund or a television network that will sponsor my gallivanting, but I still yearn to experience the best cuisine my wallet can provide. I am just an ordinary guy with average friends that all share the same hobby. We all love food!

This thought gave birth to an idea, which in turn created this blog. Although, my friends and I do not have the money to afford the lavish and wondrous meals that the traditional foodie would partake, we decided that we could create a new subsection of the foodie culture deemed the Blue-Collar Foodie.  We cannot fathom spending $100 a plate for 4 ounces of braised Kobe Beef and then leaving the restaurant to grab a Whopper because we are still famished. What we do enjoy is stumbling upon a diamond in the rough that offers fantastic food at a fraction of the New York City Prices.

As Blue Collar Foodies we will scour our very own neighborhoods to find the finest restaurants, cafes, bistros and bars that offer superb food and drinks at reasonable prices.  Furthermore, not only will we taste their offerings but this blog will serve to inform the community about what we have discovered hidden in our own back yards.   This is the first and only blog that will be written in this format, from this point on the Blue Collar Foodie Blog will act as a review-type blog, with pictures, menus, experiences, and reviews of food establishments in the area. Stay tuned and please leave comments about spots in your neighborhoods that you would like us to feature on this blog.

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