The Best Pizzeria In Millville, NJ May Very Well Be The Best Pizzeria In The World!

New Jersey, in general seems to be everyone’s least favorite state, and to be honest our bulbous surly governor and the entire cast of the Jersey Shore does not help our cause. With this said, there are a few things that New Jersey is not only known for, but dare I say it actually loved for. First and foremost, we have Taylor Ham and you don’t, and if you are from this area you know all about this flavorful salty pork puck, that former Jersians crave so much, they have to make a yearly pilgrimage to a true New Jersey Diner just to get their fix. Secondly, New Jersey supplies its residents with bagels that are so damn tasty that no one seems to notice that this popular breakfast treat has about as much nutritional value as tree bark wrapped in bacon. Lastly, and at least in the context of this article most importantly, New Jersey is home to the BEST PIZZA IN THE WORLD! Calm down, New Yorkers, I can hear you cursing me out from across the G Dub, you are a close second, and seriously you are New York F-ing City, you beat us in every other category from Architecture to Zoos, so please let the red headed step child of the union that is New Jersey have this one.

Now that I have thrown the gauntlet down and expressed my love, no, obsession for New Jersey Pizza, and basically lost all of my readership from New York and Pennsylvania, I feel that I might as well further alienate myself, and piss off the New Jersey folks too, by proclaiming, in my opinion, which Pizzeria is slinging the best slice. Now, by making this statement I am breaking my own rule, which states one should never start a conversation which is bound to turn into a debate, and ultimately into a no holds barred battle royal, by bringing up politics, religion, or Pizzeria Prowess, but I have decided to throw caution to the wind and shout my declaration from the roof tops, or at least from the top of your internet browser. As I write this, I am anticipating a crap load of hate mail from every Tony, Don, and Horatio that trolls around the internet looking for blogs to flame, but remember first place is a lot like the Highlander, there can only be one, and this foodie, unlike our society today, does not hand out participation medals, so send your nasty grams somewhere else. Now without further ado, I, The Blue Collar Foodie, from atop my virtual soap box, proclaim, with the entire internets as my witness, that BIMS Pizza, located at 618 E. Main St. in Millville, NJ, is the indisputable champion of the Pizza World.



As you enter BIM’s, which stands for Best In Millville, you will be greeted by Joe Pierce, owner, Chef, sole employee, and story teller extraordinaire who has been tossing pizzas around Cumberland County for over 35 years. This house, turned pizza shop, is literally a one man show, and Joe Pierce has been there from the beginning, taking orders, and making pizza. Surrounded by a seemingly endless army of conveyor belt frozen pizza shops that are taking over New Jersey towns much like the outlaws did in the Wild West, Joe, like a modern day Pizza Sherriff, remains persistent and dedicated to making fresh, consistently fantastic pizza for his loyal customers on a daily basis.

Joe Pierce

Joe Pierce, Owner, Operator, Chef, and Pizza Sheriff

BIM’s is not like your ordinary pizza shop; they don’t make chicken wings, meatballs, sandwiches, or salads, hell they don’t even sell slices. What they do sell, however, is a pizza pie in several sizes that is made fresh to order, using homemade dough and sauce which is made daily on the premises. Even though Pizza is all you can get at BIM’s that does not mean you can’t customize that pizza to experience a new BIM’s masterpiece each and every time you visit. They offer the following toppings that can be added to your pie for a nominal fee; Extra Cheese, Double Thick Crust, Pepperoni, Sweet Sausage, Mushrooms, Sweet Green Peppers, Anchovies, Onions, Bacon, Black Olives, Broccoli, Tomato, Garlic, and Hot Peppers.

Bim's Pizza

Customized BIM’s Pizza

The Pizza at BIM’s is so damn good that I travel two hours and thirty minutes just to eat a few slices, before heading back to North Jersey until the craving strikes again. BIM’s expertly prepared pizza has many levels of perfection that when combined create a pie that is out of this world. Like all pizzas the first level, and the canvas to this piece of artwork, is the crust. BIM’s pizza is constructed on fresh hand-made and hand-tossed dough that when cooked crisps to just the right amount of awesome. Piled on top of this righteous crust is a home-made sauce that balances between sweet and savory flawlessly, and then Joe invites not one type of cheese, but two to join the party. This combination of cheese and sauce eventually turns into a masterful blend of gooey yumminess once the oven has done its magic. The result is a pizza pie unlike any other, because all the recipes are a Pierce family secret and therefore cannot be duplicated, believe me I have tried.

Building The Perfect Pizza

Building The Perfect Pizza

If you plan on visiting BIM’s you will not only get to taste the single greatest Pizza to ever grace the inside of a Pizza Oven, you will also get to meet and perhaps even hear a story or two from Joe. Much like the small business owners of yesteryear, Joe, embraces the idea of customer service and actually enjoys what he does, including interacting with his customers. Whether the conversation is about Millville, The Phillies, The Eagles, fishing, or life in general, Joe has a way of simplifying things and imparting wisdom about virtually any topic, like a zen pizza making life Sherpa, all the while continuing to take phone orders, toss dough, make pizzas, and restock extras. Joe epitomize the ethos of what a small business owner used to be and in a world where this style of business ownership is dwindling to damn near extinction, it is great to see that some people refuse to allow it to disappear forever.

Building The Perfect Pizza

Joe Multitasking

Attempting to explain the wonderfulness of a BIM’s pizza is much like trying to describe the Mona Lisa to a blind person. A person without sight, might mistake this extraordinary painting for just another portrait of a female, just as one might look at a BIM’s pizza and merely think that it is just another mundane pie. If, however, through the miracle of science that very same blind person’s sight was somehow restored, they would easily see that it is the intricate detail that makes Mona a true work of genius. Luckily for you though, you don’t need scientific intervention to have the same realization about BIM’s pizza, you only have to taste it to see the light. I assure you that after that first bite, you will be hooked on BIM’s like The Blue Collar Foodie is addicted to Bacon.

The Perfect Pie

The Perfect Pie

There are a few things you should know before you go to BIM’s Pizzeria. As stated before this establishment is an epic one man show and the operating hours reflect that. BIM’s is open Wednesday to Sunday from 4 P.M. to approximately 10 P.M. Furthermore, BIM’s is a cash only restaurant, so leave your plastic at home. Lastly BIM’s does not have tables, so in order to eat your remarkable pizza pie you must pick it up and go elsewhere or get it delivered to your house.

BIM’s motto is,” We specialize in pizza because pizza is the only thing we make,” which can be found on their menu as well as a sign that hangs in the shop. This phrase scares some people off, because they want variety but I suggest that you embrace this unique singularity. BIM’s does not have 101 different items on the menu because Joe concentrates on his one true passion, Pizza, and anything else would only distract him from creating the best Pizza Pie on the planet!

Damn That Is Pretty

Damn That Is Pretty!

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33 thoughts on “The Best Pizzeria In Millville, NJ May Very Well Be The Best Pizzeria In The World!

  1. Awesome review and spot on!!! Joe is a great person and jus pizza us definitely the best anywhere! When I come back to visit Millville, Bim’s us always one of my stops! Thanks for this great article and recognition for Joe and his pizzeria!

  2. Well, the last time i had BIMS pizza, about 4 years ago, it was aweful. Cheddar cheese was used on the pizza. But i do believe in second chances and will try BIMS pizza again! There is a new pizzeria in the area, that is simply delicious and will compare both of them. Will keep everyone updated with my findings.
    ps i am brooklyn ny born. I KNOW PIZZA!!

  3. My family has been going to Joe for pizza pretty much ever since he’s been making them (that’s over 21 years). I’ve had Pizza Hut, Domino’s, and pizza from other places. In all honesty, they all sucked in comparison. Joe really does make the Best In Millville. Sometimes we order a pizza just to hang out and talk with him. My father always says, “Whenever I’m sick, I order BIM’s and I feel better after the first bite.”

  4. Just so you know, we are not the redheaded step child of the union! (No offense all you beautiful redheads) and we are certainly more than one pizza shop! SJ from South Jersey

  5. I love the article AND the pizza! Now I am craving a delicious slice of Bim’s pizza…45 minutes isn’t that long of a drive for a good slice tonight, right? 🙂

  6. The only good thing I can find in Millville is BIM’S. Joe is surely a first class act. Sad that the pizza is so awesome, but the town is dying a slow but sure death..

  7. Millville is my hometown! Been in Florida for 3 years! My 1st stop home is BIM’s! I’ve tried to get Joe to ship it on dry ice! I’ll be there 4/28 for for my favorite pizza ever ❤

    • When I was younger we used to spend all of our quarters on Space Invaders and would always split a small pizza. I used to mop the floors and dust his shelves for a free pie. Now, 37 years later,I still order from Joe religiously. You know the pizza is good when you can’t say “BIM’s” in front of your dog because he’ll go nuts. Lol. Great person and great pizza! Can’t wait until 4 today so I can order.

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  10. That region of south Jersey has awesome food! Yes, the pizza is fantastic…Joe is a master! But so are the hamburgers at Jim’s lunch, so are the homemade raviolis and tortellini’s at Mama Gardella’s in Vineland, so are the subs at Shannon’s sub shop, so are the meatballs from Casa Di Bertacchi, and the crabs from Dividing Creek, and the oysters in Port Norris…not to mention the world’s best tomatoes…hands down. And other fabulous produce like eggplant and cantaloupes that just don’t get any more delicious. Maybe it is something in the water that makes the bread so good, maybe it is something in the soil that makes the produce so delicious…maybe something in the back bays that make the seafood so flavorful….or maybe it is the honest heritage of the people who settled the region that keep the traditions of their food cultures alive and full of flavor. Whatever it is, there is no doubt that you cannot find better tasting food on the planet than you can find in the heart of south Jersey.

  11. I grew up on BIMs. It is the best pizza hands down. My grandmother used to always tell Joe to just use cheddar, no mozzarella! But I did grow up in the area and we do have some awesome places as far as food. You should try Century Bakery in Bridgeton if you haven’t all ready!

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  13. A couple of friends of mine and I drove from the Philadelphia area to check out this fabled pizza. The owner was everything he was cracked up to be, a real treat, extremely personable and enjoyable to talk with.

    The pizza did not live up to the hype. It was not anywhere close to the worst pizza I’ve ever had, but it’s not the best. I wouldn’t even put it in the top ten. If the author stated he was born and raised in North Dakota, I could appreciate his take on the pizza. To be nestled in the corridor between New York and Philadelphia, though, that gives me pause. If I ate at every pizza place in the Garden State, not counting chains like Pizza Hut or Papa John’s (which are to pizza what Olive Garden is to Italian food), I honestly feel that I could find 100 places better than BIM’s.

    Having said all of that, there are a lot of people who love BIM’s, and it brings them joy to eat there, and the owner is happy making his pies, so for that reason alone, I support BIM’s and hope Joe is able to make pizza until he is 85 (that’s what he told us his goal was). He is a cool guy and he’s living the dream.

    • Thanks for the comment and the read! I am glad you liked Joe, he is awesome. I am sad that you were not as big of a fan of the pie as I am. I will say that this pizza is not the same as NY style or Shore Pizza, so it sometimes is not in everyone’s wheel house. I would say you should try it again but I have had hundreds of pies from BIMs and they have all been consistent so trying it again most likely would not change your mind. Thanks for reading again and visiting BIM’s. How did you hear about my blog?

  14. Hello i agree bims is a good pizza and joe does offer a unique service but im just seeing that was wrote in 2014 now as a manager of a pizzeria in Millville that wasn’t open at that time so i challenge you next time your in the area to stop in and try the pizza at top dog pizza 1601 n high st Millville nj were open tues to thur 10-9 fri and sat 10-10 and sun 11-8

  15. I have had pizza from NY to Florida and just about every state in between and non are even close to being as good as Bims.
    As far as Joe goes, his contributions to community in that area are unparalleled.
    I’ll never forget the kindness he showed to all of us kids.

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